Past simple: postavi glagole v oklepaju v preteklik, aktiv ali pasiv. / Past simple: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, past simple active or passive.

Rezultat iskanja slik za Dubrovnik factsDubrovnik is a port on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. It is a very small city with only 50,000 inhabitants, but it used to be a major trading port and is now one of the region’s most attractive tourist locations.

The origin of Dubrovnik is unclear, but it is probably linked to the destruction of the Roman city of Epidaurum in the seventh century. Epidaurum was an important sea-trading city, which ____________________ (1 DAMAGE) by an earthquake in the fourth century. In 614, the city was captured and destroyed by the Avars, and the survivors ____________________  (2 ESCAPE) to a small island near the coast called Laus. A new city (Ragusa) ____________________  (3 ESTABLISH) there. In the meantime, a new Croatian settlement ____________________  (4 APPEAR) on the mainland opposite Ragusa. It ____________________  (5 NAME) Dubrovnik because of the oak trees in the area (dubrava is the Croatian word for oak).

Links between the two communities ____________________  (5 BECOME) stronger, and the Latin and Croatian populations mixed. Over the years, the water which separated the two communities filled with sand from the sea and was eventually paved. This area is now more or less the main street of Dubrovnik.

The famous city walls ____________________  (6 BUILD)in the twelfth century. Dubrovnik became a sea-trading city and was a rival to Venice. The Venetians ____________________  (7 INVADE) Dubrovnik in 1205 and the city ____________________  (8 RULE) by the Venetians for 150 years. In 1358, this domination ended.

The city was destroyed by an Earthquake in 1667. The beautiful architecture of the city ____________________  (9 VANISH) completely. The Romanesque cathedral and Gothinc and Renaissance palaces, churches and monasteries were all destroyed. The Sponza palace is the only building with iths original shape and style but the city walls ____________________ (10 NOT BADLY DAMAGE).

The city was rebuilt in Baroque style. In the nineteenth century, it became part of the Austrian Empire and its trading importance diminished. In the late twentieth century, tourism offered a new start for a dynamic city.

(Adapted from Prospects Intermediate by Wilson and Taylor, 1999)

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