Phrasal verbs: mixed 1

Dopolni vsako prazno mesto z ustreznim fraznim glagolom v pravilni obliki. Pomen je dan v oklepaju. / Fill in each gap with a suitable phrasal verb in the correct form. The meaning must match the synonym in brackets.

Paint, Tube, Art, Color, Colorful, Oil, Craft, Mix

1 Her parents _________  __________ last year. She still hasn’t got over it. (NOT TOGETHER ANY MORE)

2 She __________  __________ the wrong answer and wrote the correct one. (ELIMINATE)

3 This winter has been really long and snowy. I __________ really __________  __________ to spring. (ANTICIPATE)

4 The premiere on Saturday __________  _________  __________; you should have bought the tickets earlier. (NO MORE TICKETS)

5 The price of petrol __________  __________  __________ by 10 per cent since last June. (INCREASE)

6 After the teacher had waited for everyone to be seated, she __________  __________ the tests. (DISTRIBUTE)

7 The journalist __________  __________  __________ the questions he wanted to ask the pop star. (MAKE NOTES ON A PIECE OF PAPER)

8 The accused claimed that the witness ­__________  __________  __________ the story of his whereabouts. (INVENT)

9 When the robber ran out of the bank, he __________  __________ a car and drove off. (ENTER)

10 Four-year-olds will outgrow their shoes before they __________  __________  __________. (BECOME TOO OLD TO USE)

11 Why __________ you __________  __________ your swimsuit? Are you going for a swim? (DRESS)

12 After a multinational company __________  __________  __________ our firm, everyone was afraid of losing their job. (TAKE CONTROL OF)

13 The driver was really angry at the boys, so he told them to __________  __________ the bus. (LEAVE)

14 Can’t you be quiet for a moment? I can’t __________  __________  __________ your talking any more. (TOLERATE)

15 Parents must be good role models. Every child __________  __________  __________ their parent. (ADMIRE)

16 The professor __________ __________ talking, although no one was paying attention. (CONTINUE)

17 Vanessa feels really silly in her big wedding dress. It doesn’t __________  __________ her character. (MATCH)

18 There’s a new pharmacy in our town. It __________  __________ last Saturday. (START)

19 Animals don’t like being in a cage. If they could, they would __________  __________. (ESCAPE)

20 I’m going to wear a jacket to the concert. If it gets warm, I__________ just __________ it __________. (UNDRESS)

21 Her boyfriend broke up with her a year ago but she still __________  __________  __________ him. (RECOVER)

22 Does your grandfather still smoke? – No, he __________ it __________ years ago. (STOP)

23 During the time of financial crisis the sales __________  __________ drastically. (DECREASE)

24 Everyone was in the mood for dancing so we __________  __________ the music. (MAKE LOUDER)

25 Jack stole a chocolate bar from the shop but he __________  __________  __________ it – nobody saw him. (DO SOMETHING BUT NOT BE CAUGHT)

26 Do you know which came first, the chicken or the egg? – No, but I would like to __________  __________. (LEARN)

27 I used to watch a lot of cartoons on TV, that’s how I __________  __________ a lot of English words. (LEARN UNINTENTIONALLY)

28 When all the children __________  __________  __________ the bus, it drove away. (BOARD)

29 If you don’t know an English word, you should __________  it __________ in a dictionary. (FIND THE MEANING)

30 The fire was spreading quickly as we were waiting for the fire brigade to arrive and __________ it __________ . (EXTINGUISH)

31 It’s half past ten already. Do you think that our plane __________  __________  __________ on time? (LEAVE THE GROUND)

32 We had to walk for an hour to the nearest town after our car __________  __________  __________ in the middle of nowhere. (STOP OPERATING)

33 My room is a mess. I have to get rid of lots of clothes, so I __________  __________  __________ __________ them __________ in boxes and donate them to a charity. (PLACE IN A NICE ORDER)

34 After initial difficulties her new business really __________  __________ and is really successful now. (START GROWING)

35 We __________  __________ the music after our neighbours had complained about the noise. (MAKE QUIETER)

36 Our family get together had been going well until my sister __________  __________ her engagement. (MENTION IN A CONVERSATION)

37 Harry has an older sister but he __________  __________  __________ well with her. (HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH)

38 A lot of parents today are single, so they have to __________  __________ their children on their own. (RAISE)

39 Where’s milk? __________ we __________  __________  __________ it again? (BE NO MORE)

40 We’ve been waiting for our teacher for ten minutes but she still __________  __________  __________. (APPEAR)

41 Where’s my drawing? __________ you __________ it __________? (GET RID OF)

42 »__________  __________!« somebody shouted when the snow slid down the roof. (BE CAREFUL)

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