Phrasal verbs with GET

Dopolni spodnje povedi z ustreznimi fraznimi glagoli iz tabele. Postavi glagol v ustrezno obliko. / Fill in the gaps with suitable phrasal verbs from the box. Put the verb in the correct form.

get down to get off get over get up to get rid of
get back get together get up get by get wound up
get on get at get away with get away get along/get on
get into get out of get ahead get behind get through to
get off lightly


1 How often do you _________________________ with your old friends?

2 When the children _________________________ the bus, it drove away.

3 I must _________________________ really early on Mondays.

4 My mum has been working for the company for a few years but she still _________________________ (not).

5 After the argument last night I _________________________. I couldn’t sleep at all.

6 I saw you with some strange people last night. What _________________________ (you)?

7 No one likes doing the housework. I always try _________________________ it.

8 I have a lot of homework to do so I’d better just  _________________________ it.

9 Animals don’t like being in a cage. If they could, they would _________________________.

10 You have too many clothes. What don’t you _________________________ them?

11 If your teacher catches you cheating, don’t expect __________________________________.

12 Her boyfriend broke up with her a year a go but she still _________________________ (not) it.

13 I’ve been trying to have a word with my boss all day but I still _________________________ (not) her.

14 Jack stole a chocolate bar from the shop but he _________________________ it – nobody saw him.

15 When are you planning to  _________________________ from your holiday?

16 Our teacher doesn’t like me. She _________________________ me all the time.

17 I was ill for ten days, so I _________________________ with my schoolwork.

18 – Do you _________________________ well with your sisters? – We have our ups and downs, but we _________________________.

19 Luckily, my daughter _________________________ (never) serious trouble.

20 The driver was really angry at the children, so he told them to _________________________ the bus.

Rešitve naloge/Answer Key