Who is the mentally strongest person you have ever met?

Dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi predlogi (prepositions).

StrongMy friend Fred. I met him _____ (1) the 9th grade where one day a teacher mentioned that his IQ was in the 150’s. If there was a way _____ (2) measure overall intelligence including emotional intelligence, I’m sure he would score _____ (3) the same level.

Shortly after meeting him _____ (4) the playground he noticed two larger boys picking _____ (5) a smaller boy. He walked over and said in a calm level voice, “leave him alone”. The 2 bullies turned and walked _____ (6) Fred in a threatening manner. Fred calmly stood his ground and gazed levelly _____ (7) them. They stopped short and then one of them said, “oh come on”, and they left. Fred was a bit smaller _____ (8) the two. I never saw him in a fight so I have no idea if he could.

He became a doctor and I know he frequently went _____ (9) of his way to help patients. This he did after hours and at least once far _____ (10) his home.

The last time I saw him was near his home in California. I found out he had lung cancer. He remained his usual calm and humorous self. As he ordered he said “the good news is I don’t have to worry about my cholesterol”. He died 2 months later. He’s the strongest and best person I ever knew.

(Adapted from an article by Carl Grant on www.quora.com)


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