Active to passive /gimnazija/ (2)

Pretvori stavke iz tvornika v trpnik (vključno s posebnim strukturami v trpniku). / Transform the sentences from active to passive voice (including special passive structures).

1 The police will have questioned all the suspects by tomorrow.


2 She is suing the newspaper for libel after they have printed a story about her allegedly having an affair with a married politician.

The _______________________________________________________________ after a story __________________________________________________________________________.

3 The supermarket manager is going to hire someone to install security cameras to tackle the problem of shoplifting.

The supermarket manager is _______________________________ installed to tackle the problem of shoplifting.

4 They believe that the mugger had an accomplice.

The mugger ___________________________________________________________________

5 People expect that those who drive under the influence of alcohol will be banned from ever driving again.

Those who ____________________________________________________________________

6 The librarian said that they were introducing a new fines system because people weren’t returning books.

The librarian __________________________________________________________________

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