Mesec: februar 2016


Aldi becomes first supermarket to ban the pesticides that are killing off all the bees

(Adapted from Metro, 31/1/2016) Supermarket Aldi Süd – the chain’s German branch – has just made it a ____________________ (1 REQUIRE) for its suppliers to phase out the toxins that are most ____________________ (2 HARM) to bees, including neonicotinoids. ‘Aldi Süd shows that the toxic dependency on pesticides can… Preberi več

The cat that came back for Christmas

Časi: Postavi glagol  oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. / Put each verb in brackets into the correct form. It ____________________ (1 BE) seven years since Miko, their cherished black and white cat, went missing in 2007. At that time, they  ____________________ (2 LOOK) everywhere for him, but with little… Preberi več