Mesec: september 2016


Inventor Rudolf Diesel vanishes

Linking words: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele. eventually soon afterwards although consequently at the time in contrast despite similarly by therefore On 29 September 1913, Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the engine that bears his name, disappeared from the steamship Dresden during his travel from Antwerp,… Preberi več

Commonly misused verbs relating to fashion/clothes: MATCH, FIT, SUIT

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z glagolom match/fit/suit v pravilni obliki (različni časi v trdilni in nikalni obliki). Potem preberi spodnja pravila in preveri rešitve. 1 You look so smart in this dress;  black _______________ you. 2 I can’t find anything to _______________ my green shirt. 3 When I got… Preberi več

Pronouns: Reflexive, Object, Reciprocal 1

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z ustreznim zaimkom. / Fill in each gap with a suitable reflexive (myself, yourself…), object (me, us…) or reciprocal pronoun (each other, one another). 1. We could all do more to keep healthy. We don’t look after _______________ properly. 2. The hostess introduced the two guests… Preberi več

The invisible bicycle helmet

Besedotvorje: postavi besedo v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. It is often cited that helmets mess up one’s hair and especially, may not fit _______________ (1 PROPER) over women’s hairstyles. Some people choose hairstyle over helmet and risk their _______________ (2 SAFE). Some choose helmet and keep whining about their ruined hairstyle. Folks! There’s a new… Preberi več

Word of the day: vibe

Linking words: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele. so in addition When However After all By the time as as soon as Contrary to whilst Whilst having breakfast yesterday morning, I heard a news report from Rio about the Paralympics, which started this week. There was… Preberi več

What is existentialism?

Na vsako manjkajoče mesto v besedilu vstavi ustrezno besedo iz spodnjega nabora. Existentialism is a belief that everyone should seriously consider as a way of living. Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher, elegantly summarized existentialism _______ (1) three words: Existence precedes essence. It’s a mouthful, but read on and… Preberi več

Food trends: from digital dining to healthy junk food

Tvori ustrezna vprašanja tako, da je za vsakega podčrtani del povedi odgovor. The future of food includes holographic chefs, smart knives and egg-white crisps (1), according to trend analysts. But will kale ice lollies and edible soil ever catch on? It is a blustery winter morning in Mayfair,… Preberi več