Mesec: oktober 2017


Texas schools bring back corporal punishment for bad behaviour

Besedišče: iz spodnje tabele izberi ustrezno manjkajočo besedo. / Multiple choice: choose the correct word from the box below. Three schools in Texas are reintroducing corporal punishment for bad behaviour. Staff will be able to use a wooden paddle to beat __________ (1) students in Three Rivers Schools District, which educates… Preberi več

Spelling: verb forms

Glagolske oblike: dopolni tabelo z glagoli v ustrezni obliki. / Fill in the missing spaces in the box with the correct verb forms. SLOVENE INFINITIVE PAST PAST PARTICIPLE leteti fly flew flown ujeti načrtovati ustreliti uničiti ležati lagati zapreti posnemati/kopirati moliti čutiti pasti nesti uživati hiteti poučevati vreči… Preberi več

Do Camels Store Water in Their Humps?

Besedotvorje: postavi besedo v oklepaju v pravilno obliko. / Word formation: put the word in brackets into the correct form. Camels have long been known for their ____________________ (1 ABLE) to go weeks at a time without needing to drink water—which makes them particularly useful pack animals for… Preberi več

Meet the hacker who gets paid to break into Twitter’s website

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (aktiv ali pasiv). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, active or passive. Young people can easily slip into a life of cyber-crime because of easy-to-use hacking tools online, says the National Crime Agency. But… Preberi več

Does ‘phone separation anxiety’ really exist?

Besedotvorje: Postavi besedo v oklepaju v pravilno obliko. / Word formation: Put the word in brackets into the correct form. You know the feeling – you have left your phone at home and feel _______________ (1 ANXIETY), as if you have lost your connection to the world. “Nomophobia”… Preberi več

Why Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?

Besedišče – prevedi glagole v oklepaju v angleščino. Prva črka je dana. / Translate the verbs in brackets into English. The first letter has been given. In many places around the world, autumn is m _ _ _ _ _ (1 je zaznamovana) by the slow, beautiful change… Preberi več

The Golden State

Bralno razumevanje: preberi besedilo, nato pa označi, ali so spodnje trditve pravilne ali napačne. / Reading comprehension: read the text, then mark the statements below true (T) or false (F). It was one of the most-significant events in U.S. history, and it all began with a water-powered sawmill.… Preberi več

5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools

Preberi besedilo, potem pa označi, ali so spodnje trditve pravilne (T) ali napačne (F). / Read the text, then mark the statements below true (T) or false (F). As the climate of education in the United States faces uncertainty, many families are starting to evaluate the best type… Preberi več

Young at heart: why children who exercise become healthier adults

Bralno razumevanje: Vstavi manjkajoče dele besedila a-j na ustrezno prazno mesto 1-10. / Fill in each gap 1-10 with the missing parts of the text a-j. Last week, Public Health England said 6 million middle-aged adults in England take less than 10 minutes’ brisk exercise a month, risking… Preberi več

Fisherman catches rare blue lobster off US coast and donates it to science

Gap-fill: dopolni prazna mesta z manjkajočimi besedami (eno mesto-ena beseda) / Gap-fill: fill in each gap with one suitable word. A New Hampshire lobsterman has joined an elite club after catching a rare blue lobster. Greg Ward initially thought he __________ (1) snagged an albino lobster when he examined his catch… Preberi več