Natural and other disasters

a) Razvozlaj besede v oklepaju. / Unscramble the words in brackets.

1 There was an underground ____________________ (OONELPSXI) in the mine, but luckily no miners were injured.

2 Air ____________________ (LPNUOOTLI) adds to the risk of developing lung diseases.

3 The ash from the__________ (VICCOALN) __________ (EPTONRUI) in Iceland in 2010 covered such a large area that thousands of flights had to be cancelled.

4 The ____________________ (DOFLO) broke into people’s houses and took away their belongings.

5 Millions of people died during the ____________________ (NEFIAM) because there wasn’t enough food.

6 The approaching ____________________ (NDROOTA) was threatened by everyone in town.

7 The earthquake under the sea caused a ____________________ (ANUSTMI), which had deadly consequences.

8 The charity has been raising funds to help endangered species after the huge ___________ (SEROTF)____________ (IFER) in Australia.

9 A ____________________ (AEIRUHCRN) usually hits the Caribbean.

10 The temperatures are rising steadily, and due to the lack of rainfall, there is a possibility of ____________________ (THDOURG).

11 Freddie Mercury died of AIDS, but thanks to medical science, this ____________________ (IDESAES) is curable nowadays.

12 Refugees are people who leave their country in order to escape ____________________ (ARW) or another disaster.

13 A total of 52 people were killed in the ____________________ (TUEEHAAQKR) that hit Albania in 2019.

b) Poveži besedo na desni z besedno zvezo na levi. / Match the word on the right to the phrase on the left.

1 people use weapons a) disease
2 not enough food b) tornado
3 damage that people do to the environment c) pollution
4 not enough rain d) forest fire
5 hot lava, stones and ash e) explosion
6 diabetes is a severe… f) drought
7 too much water g) tsunami
8 it burns h) war
9 a huge wave i) volcanic eruption
10 Dorothy and her dog Toto are swept away by a… j) hurricane
11 something breaks into millions of pieces k) earthquake
12 buildings shake and might collapse l) flood
13 A … is a storm that is given a male or a female name m) famine

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key