American words 1

Besedišče: med dvema besedama/besednima zvezama (britansko in ameriško) izberi ameriško. / Vocabulary: choose the American word/phrase.


Rezultat iskanja slik za americanIn America, do you…

1 …travel by airplane or by plane?

2 …live in an apartment or a flat?

3 …carry a rucksack or a backpack?

4 …use a ball-point pen or a biro for writing?

5 …go to the toilet (loo) or the bathroom (rest room)?

6 …post an ad on a bulletin board or a notice board?

7 …call a taxi or a cab?

8 …buy a tin or a can of tomato soup?

9 …buy chocolate at a candy store or a sweet shop?

10 …put the things you want to buy in a shopping cart or a shopping trolley?

11 …make a call from your mobile phone or your cell phone?

12 …ask the waiter for a check or a bill?

13 …leave your coat in the cloakroom or a checkroom?

14 …enjoy eating cookies or biscuits?

15 …eat cotton candy or candy floss?

16 …decide which way to go at a crossroad (in the country) and intersection (town and country) or at crossroads?

17 …walk on a pedestrian crossing (zebra crossing) or a crosswalk?

18 …need a driver’s license or a driving license to drive a car?

19 …go to the city centre or downtown?

20 …buy some toothpaste at a drugstore, pharmacy or at a chemist’s?

21 …attend elementary school or primary school?

22 …take a lift or an elevator to the fifth floor?

23 …use an eraser or a rubber to erase your writing?

24 …water come from a tap or a faucet?

25 …enjoy your sports day or fields day?

26 …watch a movie or a film on TV?

27 …use a flashlight or a torch to see in the dark?

28 …eat chips or French fries at MacDonald’s?

29 …check in at the reception or at the front desk?

30 …put what you’re not using into a dustbin or into a garbage can, trash can?

1 …attend second grade or second year of school?

2 …need a janitor or a caretaker when you can’t open your locker at school?

3 …wish a ladybird or a ladybug could bring you luck?

4 …ask about your umbrella at the lost and found or at lost property?

5 …post or mail a postcard?

6 …listen to everything your mum or your mom says?

7 …feel nauseated  or sick after eating four hot-dogs?

8 …get a single train ticket or a one-way train ticket

9 …put on your trousers or your pants?

10 …park your car at a parking lot or a car park?

11 …put a period or a full stop at the end of the sentence?

12 …go to the principal or to the head teacher when you’re in trouble?

13 …pay for a private school or public school?

14 …ask a shop assistant or a sales clerk for help when you ‘re buying?

15 …write a letter saying you’ve been good this year to Father Christmas or Santa Claus?

16 …have to follow a schedule or a timetable?

17 …anxiously wait for the end of a semester or the end of a term?

18 …walk on the pavement or on the sidewalk?

19 …desperately need a new pair of trainers or sneakers?

20 …watch the UEFA Champions League soccer games or football matches?

21 …need a social security number or a national insurance number to be allowed to work?

22 …spend your money in a shop or a store?

23 …remember not to leave something on the cooker or the stove?

24 …travel by tram or by streetcar?

25 …commute by subway or by tube?

26 …put on a sweater or a jumper when you’re cold?

27 … fill in or fill out a lot of forms if you want to work or study there?

28 …line up or queue to buy movie tickets?

29 …to lay the table set the table for lunch, so that your mom doesn’t have to?

30 …see a lot of lorries or trucks on the highways?

31 …go on a well-deserved vacation or a holiday?

32 …have a barbecue in your back garden or your back yard?

33 …give your zip code or your post code with your address?

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key