Describing food (taste, appearance)

Na manjkajoča mesta vstavi besede iz tabele. / Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.


Rezultat iskanja slik za food

sweet bitter sour hot
spicy mild bland salty
sickly savoury tasty tasteless
greasy tender tough overcooked
undercooked raw done to a turn stodgy

1 Sushi is a very popular and healthy dish which is made of rice, vegetables and _______________ fish.

2 I often eat in Chinese restaurants and I always order _______________ and sour chicken.

3 It’s a bit risky to eat _______________ meat – you can get infected by bacteria.

4 An English breakfast is not exactly light, but quite ____________________ – you feel really full after you’ve eaten it.

5 If you barbecue a pork chop or a lamb chop for too long, it will become _______________ and hard to chew.

6 Avocado is very good in salads because it has a _______________ (blag) taste.

7 I don’t like this salad dressing: there’s not enough oil and salt in it – it’s completely _______________.

8 Baked potatoes will especially be _______________ if you season them with sour cream and chives.

9 Asian food is very _______________, although not necessarily hot.

10 Oh, no, these baked bananas aren’t good at all. I’ve put too much sugar on them – they’re _______________.

11 This grilled chicken breast is really superb – _______________ (mehak) and ________________ (ravno prav pečen). Just the way I like it!

12 Chili con carne is a traditional Mexican dish. There are usually a lot of chilli peppers and spices in it, so it’s quite _______________.

13 Olives and feta cheese are quite _______________, so you don’t need to put any additional salt in the sauce.

14 Although crisps are _______________ (okusen), they are quite unhealthy as they are very salty and _______________ (masten).

15 I like a _______________ lemonade, so I don’t put any sugar in it.

16 Coffee is really _____________, so I always put two spoonfuls of sugar in it.

17 Nobody likes food from hospital cafeterias. The portions are too big and it’s completely _______________.

18 I don’t like it if cauliflower is _______________; it just falls into small pieces.


Rešitve naloge / Answer Key