Food, cooking, and restaurants

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vegetarians additives speciality ingredients
herbs recipe course starter
fast food inedible gastronomic snack
vegan spices dessert sell-by
banquet portion leftovers book
take-away cuisine tasty tasteless


1 If a dish has a pleasant flavour, it is ____________________ and if not, it is ____________________.

2 I’ll give you my ____________________ for pancakes. It’s a very easy dish to make if you have the right ____________________.

3 Fish soup is a ____________________ of this region.

4 People who don’t eat meat because it’s against their principles to kill animals are called ____________________. A ____________________ is somebody who doesn’t even eat milk products.

5 In many countries, ____________________ such as parsley, rosemary, thyme, and ____________________ such as curry and cinnamon are used to add flavour to a dish.

6 If a product has a ____________________ date on the label you know how long the product is supposed to last. The label also tells you if the product contains any artificial ____________________.

7 He loves every kind of ____________________, especially hamburgers.

8 When you go to a restaurant, the meal can consist of three parts. First you order a ____________________, then continue with the main ____________________ and finish with ____________________.

9 A light meal is called a ____________________.

10 A large meal for important guests is called a ____________________.

11 Italian ____________________ is the style of cooking typical to Italy.

12 Nobody was really hungry so there were a lot of ____________________.

13 There’s a fabulous restaurant round the corner and it’s really popular so we should ____________________ a table. Eating there is a real ____________________ delight.

14 If you’re hungry, why not ask for a large ____________________?

15 A ____________________ is a restaurant that cooks and sells food that you buy and eat somewhere else.

16 This food is of such bad quality that I cannot eat it. It is ____________________.

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