Traffic pollution damages kids’ lungs

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta v besedilu z ustreznimi besedami iz tabele. Dve besedi nista uporabljeni. / Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. Two words should not be used.

breathing inhaled polluted busy area
breath exhaled fumes power deficit

Road pollution is a serious danger to children’s health. That’s the worrying conclusion of the longest and largest study ever undertaken into the effects of traffic __________ (1) on child development. Researchers from the University of Southern California spent 13 years studying children who lived within 500 meters of __________ (2) highways. They found that most of the 3,600 children in the study had significantly weakened lungs. Researchers said this meant the children could have __________ (3) problems for the rest of their lives. The main author of the study W. James Gauderman said: “Someone suffering a pollution-related __________ (4) in lung function as a child will probably have less than healthy lungs all of his or her life.” He added: “If you live in a high-pollution area and live near a busy road, you get a doubling of the damage.”

Gauderman and his team conducted their research on youngsters who lived near busy roads. Once a year, the team measured the children’s lung __________ (5). It checked how much air the children could release in one __________ (6) and how quickly it could be released. The team found that by their 18th birthday, children who lived within 500 meters of a highway __________ (7) three per cent less air compared with children who lived one-and-a-half kilometers away. Further, the highway children’s lung power was seven per cent weaker in the rate at which they could exhale. Gauderman said that: “Even if you are in a relatively low regional pollution __________ (8), living near a road produces lung problems.” About a third of the children moved away from busy roads during the study but stayed near the same community. Their lungs developed more healthily.

(Adapted from on 2 February 2007)

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