What is existentialism?

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existentialismExistentialism is a belief that everyone should seriously consider as a way of living.

Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher, elegantly summarized existentialism _______ (1) three words:

Existence precedes essence.
It’s a mouthful, but read on and it will _______ (2) clear.

Consider a pen:

A pen is created to enable us to write. The inventor first had an idea of a tool with a handle and a pointy end that can be used to transfer ink _______ (3) paper. Once the purpose was clear, the tool was produced.

This doesn’t only _______ (4) to pens, but to all other objects: You conceive the idea/purpose first before you manifest it in real world. Essence before existence.

Now consider yourself:

You were _______ (5) into this world first, before you can even think, read, walk, talk, or do anything substantial. But as you grow older, you learn to do all of those things. And eventually, you become self-sufficient and you decide your life and your values yourself.

_______ (6) a pen, your existence comes first before your essence.

Existentialism is _______ (7) because it puts your life in your own hand. If you become successful, it’s all you. If you fail, it’s all you. Scary, but liberating.

But some people think like they are pens, that their lives have already been decided for them. By doing so, they take the agency away from _______ (8) and are free from any responsibilities. Anything _______ (9) and bad that happens to them are out of their control. “It’s fate,” or so they say.

Existentialists don’t believe in fate or destiny or any idea that tries to convince you that your whole life has been decided and scripted before you came into this world. Because if you do believe in destiny, then even the act of rolling a die already has a predetermined result. It’s out of your _______ (10).

Existentialists also don’t subscribe to stereotypes or any other societal expectations and labels that have been arbitrarily attributed to themselves. They are free and responsible for themselves, and define themselves through their actions.

(Adapted from quora.com on 21 May 2015)

1 with in by
2 become come make
3 to on onto
4 apply agree allow
5 borough bought brought
6 Like Unlike As
7 powerful powerfull empowered
8 themself them themselves
9 well good better
10 hand heart system

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