For Alma Rekić, fatal woman equals savvy woman

Postavi besedo v oklepaju v pravilno obliko. / Put the word in brackets into the correct form.

fatal“The appearance is just a mask which can hide many things. But these women have also the content, and it’s what makes them fatal,” David Urankar, the host of Femme fatale 2016, claimed of the eight finalists of the Pageant.

Jana Šušteršič, singer, Ula Šemole and Nadiya Bychkova, dancers, Tara Zupančič, presenter, Ana Dolinar and Saša Pavlin Stosić, _______________ (1 ACT), and Alma Kochavy and Alma Rekić, culinary experts, entered the finals.

At the 13th Pageant for the Slovenian fatal woman the victory went to Alma Rekić, “the judge at the MasterChef Slovenia culinary show, the most rigorous one, who showed the least _______________ (2 LENIENT)  towards the _______________ (3 CONTEST) “. And what is her idea of a fatal woman? “For me the appearance or ideal body measures have no importance – I _______________ (4 AGREE) that a certain model should exist and be adhered to, far from that. The winner should be a woman everybody recognizes as special as soon as she enters the room – she must have charisma, personality. But I’m also convinced that she must be _______________ (5 SUCCESS) as well,” she said for MMC.

And how will she explain to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, decades from now, the title of the Slovenian femme fatale? “I will start by underlining my _______________ (6 ACHIEVE) predating this title, and when you connect everything, the result you get is – femme fatale,” the ambitious 35-year old woman from Jesenice explained _______________ (7 RESOLUTE).

“Fatal” is far from being a simple concept. Nina Gazibara, the icon of the Slovenian fashion space, agrees with that. “Here the choice is not made based on beauty, or _______________ (8 YOUNG). I think that for the ‘fatal woman’ a woman with accomplishments in her life should be chosen. She must be charismatic, self-confident, well-behaved, with a personality, and _______________ (9 BEAUTY) as well. She must have all these attributes, combined into a whole,” she claims.

(Adapted from on 30 October 2016)

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