Besedotvorje: postavi besedo v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. / Word formation: put each word in brackets into the correct form.


Rezultat iskanja slik za hurricane katrinaHurricane Katrina, which unleashed its ferocious force on the _______________ (1 SOUTH) Gulf Coast states of the USA on Monday, has left perhaps hundreds dead and inflicted _______________ (2 CATASTROPHE) damage. Huge swathes of New Orleans are flood-stricken as water from a nearby lake breached the dams that protected the city. The inundated area has been left without _______________ (3 ELECTRIC) and safe _______________ (4 DRINK) water. President George W. Bush has declared a state of emergency and promised considerable federal funding to compensate victims and get the whole region back on its feet. The _______________ (5 ECONOMY) cost of the hurricane’s rampage could be the highest in US history. Insurers estimate the storm could cost $US26 billion. The effects will be felt worldwide _______________ (6 WORLD) as oil prices are set for another spike.

The human cost is continuing to rise and many predict the _______________ (7 DIE) toll will surpass the 256 killed by Hurricane Camille in 1969. Rescue services continue their attempts to save lives. They have to negotiate perilously high water, toppled trees and _______________ (8 HAZARD) debris. Live power cables are hampering efforts to reach frantic _______________ (9 SURVIVE) stranded on the roofs of their homes. Tens of thousands of properties have been destroyed in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco told a news conference: “The _______________ (10 DEVASTATE) is greater than our worst fears. It’s totally overwhelming.” In the wake of the disaster, the New Orleans mayor has declared martial law to curtail an outbreak of looting, as thieves take advantage of the chaos.

(Adapted from www.breakingnewsenglish.com on 31 August 2005)

(Rešitve naloge / Answer Key)