Pensioner lands dream job of being paid £100 every time he takes a nap

Besedotvorje: postavi besedo v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko.



And no, he’s not cutting back on actual work to get a few minutes shut eye – he has genuinely been hired to just get ____________________ (1 COMFORT) and dream away.

The pensioner has landed the role of Britain’s first official Sleep Ambassador, testing beds over a three-month period.

He’ll also, for serious ____________________ (2 SCIENCE) benefit and not at all for a marketing stunt, test beds, pillows and duvets for comfort as well as trialing several ‘sleep experiences’, including testing sleep-aids and snooze-enhancing diets and lifestyles.

Desmond beat 506 other ____________________ (3 APPLY) in the run up for every lazy person’s ideal job after the ____________________ (4 VACANT) was launched in January.

He is renowned among his family and friends for his ____________________ (5 ABLE) to fall asleep absolutely anywhere. Some people would call that narcolepsy, this bed company would call it a dream candidate.

‘I saw the advert in the paper and I just had to apply. I consider myself to be an expert sleeper and I’m also a good ____________________ (6 COMMUNICATE), having spent 50 years working in my barbers shop.

‘I also love a challenge and am looking forward to fun of being involved in the project and making a good job of it.’

It seems Desmond really might be as much of an expert as he says, considering he managed to beat other ____________________ (7 SUIT) shortlisted candidates, including a ‘sleep fanatic’ from Scotland and a self-confessed ‘archetypal corpse sleeper’ from Worchester.

This ‘challenge’ must be tough but to get paid such a high wage must mean it’s difficult to do.

Neil Robinson, Sealy’s resident sleep expert, said: ‘The ____________________ (8 SELECT) process was a tough one and we had a challenge shortlisting the candidates, let alone selecting one to appoint.’

‘Desmond stood out to us. He is ____________________ (9 CLEAR) very experienced when it comes to sleep and he’s lucky enough not to have any problems with this – he can sleep anywhere after all.’

It’s important to be experienced in sleep. There are so many people who are just amateurs.

‘While undoubtedly it is a fun position, we do view this as an important job,’ Robinson added.

‘Desmond will provide ____________________ (10 VALUE) feedback about our products, as well as debunking sleep myths.’

(Adapted from  23 Mar 2016)


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