Word formation – 1st year (3)

Besedotvorje: tvori manjkajočo besedo iz osnove v oklepaju. / Fill in each gap with the suitable word formed from the one in brackets.

1 Their latest __________________ is being broadcast non-stop on TV. (ADVERTISE)

2 I don’t mind his ideas in __________________, but how could they work in real life? (THEORETICAL)

3 Older people find it difficult to cope with the __________________ bureaucracy they deal with. (COMPUTER)

4 Younger generations __________________ beauty and success. (IDEAL)

5 If someone is deeply religious and visibly follows all the moral and ethical codes of his religion, he is __________________. (PIETY)

6 Upon __________________, they were asked to show their identification. (ARRIVE)

7 There is a plan to __________________ the three-year course to four years. (LONG)

8 Many economists think that full employment is an __________________ goal. (ATTAIN)

9 Fiona is a   __________________ romantic. She believes that there is a prince charming waiting for her somewhere; she just hasn’t met him yet. (HELP)

10 Stop with that __________________ behavior. You’re 40 and you should know better! (CHILD)

11 The teacher completely lost her __________________ and yelled at Steve. (PATIENT)

12 Everyone was __________________ when the man attacked an old lady in the street. (HORROR)

13 It was dark and foggy, so it was __________________ to see where we were going. (POSSIBLE)

14 We keep all our important papers in a __________________ safe. (FIRE)

15 Trisha lifted our spirits by telling a __________________ story. (HUMOUR)

16 I felt an __________________ urge to tell someone my secret. (RESIST)

17 It was impossible to __________________ the damage that was caused by his decision. (DO)

18 There should be no __________________ when it comes to drinking and driving. (TOLERANT)

19 The jeans were a bit too long, so I asked the shop assistant I could have them __________________. (SHORT)

20 A cat’s walk is very silent and __________________. (GRACE)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key