Word formation: Negative prefixes 1

Besedotvorje – predpone z nikalnim pomenom: preberi spodnja pravila, potem dopolni prazna mesta z besedo, tvorjeno iz podčrtane besede. / Fill in the gaps with words formed from the underlined words.

  • Un- (najpogostejši), pomen: NE-

unable, unaffected, unafraid, unaided, unaltered or unalterable, unanticipated, unapproachable, unassigned, unavailable, unaware, unbelievable, uncertain, unclear, unconventional, uncooperative, uncoordinated, unexposed, unfocused, unfriendly, unhelpful, unknown, unnatural, unpleasant, unpredictable, unprofessional, unrealistic, unrefined, unresolved, unrestricted, unscheduled,  unstable, untouched, unwilling, etc. + some verbs: undo, undress, unfold, unload, unlock, unwrap, etc.

  • De- (ponavadi pred glagolom), pomen: OBRATEN OD

dehydrate, deregulate, or detoxify, make a detour, deactivate, decode, decompose, deconstruct, decontaminate, decrease, deflate, deflect, deform, derail, defrost, devalue, deselect

  • Dis-, pomen: NE-

disable/ disabled/ disability, disagree/ disagreeable/ disagreement, disbelieff, disfigure/ disfigured, dishonor/ dishonored/ dishonorable, disinfect/ disinfected, disinfection, disinherit/ disinherited, disloyal, and disloyalty, dissatisfied, distrust/ distrustful, disappear, disarmed, disconnected

  • in- im- (ponavadi pred m, b, p), pomen: NE-
  • ir- (ponavadi pred r), pomen: NE-
  • il- (ponavadi pred l), pomen: NE-

illegal, illegible, illiterate, illogical,

immature, impatient, imperfect, impossible, imprecise,

inaccessible, inaccurate, inadequate, inappropriate, incapable, incoherent, incompatible, incomplete, inconsistent, incredible, indefinite, indiscreet, inevitable, infinite, inflexible, insecure, insignificant, insufficient, invalid, invisible, involuntary,

irrational, irregular, irrelevant, irreparable, irresistible, irresponsible, irreversible, etc.

  • Mis-, pomen: SLABO, NAROBE

misconduct (noun), misdiagnose/ misdiagnosed/ misdiagnosis, misinform/ misinformed/ misinformation, misinterpret/ misinterpreted/ misinterpretation, mislead/ misled or misleading, misplace/ misplaced, misspell/ misspelled/ misspelling, mistake/ mistaken/ mistake, misunderstand/ misunderstood/ misunderstanding, etc.

  • Non- , pomen: NE-, PREMALO

non-African, non-Slovene, nonconforming/ nonconformist/ non-existent/ nonexistence, nonconformity, non-intervention, nonsense, nonstop, non-metallic, non-resident, non-smoking, etc.

  • Anti-, pomen: PROTI-

Anti-smoking, antisocial, antibiotic, antiseptic

  • Sub-, pomen: POD-

subway, submarine, subdivision, subtitles, subheadings

  • Under-, pomen: PREMALO

undercooked, underused, underworked, underfund, underdeveloped, underpaid

  • Mal-, pomen: NAROBE

malfunction, maltreatment, malnutrition

  • Ex-, pomen: BIVŠI

ex-wife, ex-smoker, ex-boss

*Izjemoma se ena pripona doda pridevniku, samostalniku ali glagolu pa druga.

Na primer:

  • unable, inability, (to) disable;
  • unbalanced, imbalance, (to) unbalance;
  • unstable, instability, (to) destabilize.
  • To deactivate is to make something inactive.


1 This steak is not cooked well. It’s ____________________.

2 I’m not satisfied with the current situation, I’m ____________________ with it.

3 She doesn’t have a usual taste in men. Her taste is quite ____________________.

4 My dad is no longer a smoker. Now he is an ____________________.

5 There’s no need to write a formal letter to me. You can write an ____________________ one.

6 Some children don’t obey their teachers – they are very ____________________.

7 Obviously, you didn’t understand our agreement correctly. It was a terrible ____________________.

8 It isn’t fair that in some parts of the world people have to work in unbearable conditions to earn their living and we don’t. It’s really ____________________.

9 The employer carefully chose workers who were responsible and organised. If the candidates had been ____________________ and ____________________, he would never have hired them.

10 ‘Let’s kick racism out of football’ is the name of a well-known ____________________ campaign.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key