Cigarettes: What does smoking feel like, and should I try it?

Preberi besedilo, v katerem manjka 6 delov povedi. V spodnjem naboru a-f izberi ustrezen del povedi za vsako manjkajoče mesto (1-6). Odgovore (črke) zapiši na črto poleg številke.


You walk outside and light one up. You take a deep drag on the cigarette, and the warm smoke enters your lungs. At first it feels weird but the taste is not unpleasant – kind of like drinking coffee for the first time. Coolness sweeps your body. You take another deep breath in. The same feeling happens. You relax. You are probably in the company of other smokers, like-minded individuals, so you start up a conversation. You feel better.

(1__) , you need those cigarrettes. You feel a sharp draw in your mind when someone else smokes, or walks outside to do what you know to be smoking. I feel the draw right now just writing this. My father told me he feels the need to smoke 30 years after he quit. Yes, they are addictive.

(2__) you decide to smoke when you are not stressed out. What happens? As you draw in your first breath, smoke laced with burnt carbon and tar fills your lungs. If you are exceptionally aware, you might realize that the coolness and lowered stress are caused by a restriction of your lungs and your blood vessels. Your body is no longer carrying as much oxygen to your cells. You feel lightheaded, sometimes dizzy. You feel withdrawn from the world, thus withdrawn from your problems.

(3__) feel dirty. Dirty in your pores. The burnt smell does not escape you. At first, a fresh cigarette smells inviting. That’s by design. However, a burnt cigarette is not pleasant. You know that a full ashtray smells, and that smell starts to follow you. Others notice. The smell works its way into your clothes, and if you smoke at home, into your furniture.

(4__), either. You feel more stressed out. When you quit, you feel better. Yet just one cigarette can throw you back on the wagon. You are in a cycle of a strong addiction, with few options. You realize in the back of your mind that you have not beaten your stress, and with each cigarette you are adding to it. And yet you cannot stop.

(5__), you start to take on this drawn, worn look. You stay thin, but you have clearly aged more quickly than your years alive.

(6__) about other smokers, like a 30 year-old who had a heart attack, or a healthy-looking man in his 50s who died painfully of lung cancer.

You light up a cigarette to help deal with the fear…

(Adapted from on 5 September 2016)
a) You hear disturbing stories
b) Let’s say
c) After a few months
d) If you fail to quit
e) You also
f) Your moods do not improve over time

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