Bralno razumevanje: Na prazna mesta vstavi ustrezno vprašanje iz zgornjega nabora. Eno vprašanje je odveč. / Reading comprehension: Fill in each gap with a suitable question from the box. One question is not used.

Rezultat iskanja slik za jellyfish

a) Can you put vinegar on a jellyfish sting? b) Can you die from a jellyfish sting? c) Can you find jellyfish in Europe?
d) Can you have a pet jellyfish? e) Can a jellyfish see? f) Can you eat jellyfish?


1 ___________________________________

No, it can’t. A jellyfish has no eyes. It also has no ears, no heart, no brains and no blood. It’s 95% water!

2 ___________________________________

Yes, the Box Jellyfish can kill you in one minute. Every year 65 people die from jellyfish stings in Australia.

3 ___________________________________

Yes, you can. Some people think jellyfish are delicious, others think they are disgusting!

4 ___________________________________

Yes, you can. Jellyfish can live in all oceans and lakes too.

5 ___________________________________

You’d better not. Ice would be a much better choice.

(Adapted from Click magazine on 5 April 2003)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key