Addictions may be in our genes

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Addictions are one of the biggest problems of the modern world. If we ____________________ (1 KNOW) how to prevent them, they would be much easier to control. Scientists have discovered that addictions may be hereditary. In the study published on Monday a team from Britain’s University of Cambridge ____________________ (2 FIND) that siblings of drug addicts share the same brain abnormalities as their drug-using brothers and sisters. The research team said these abnormal brain structures ____________________ (3 LINK) to poor self-control and drug dependence. The researchers suggest that addiction is in some ways a “disorder of the brain”. This may provide important new ways into ____________________ (4 HELP) people with problems of self-control when it comes to addictions. The study sought to find out if drugs changed the “wiring” of the brain or whether the brains of drug addicts were wired differently from birth.

Lead researcher Dr Karen Ersche told the BBC: “It ____________________ (5 LONG/KNOW) that not everyone who takes drugs ____________________ (6 BECOME) addicted.” She continued: “It shows that drug addiction is not a choice of lifestyle, it is a disorder of the brain and we need ____________________ (7 RECOGNISE) this. These brothers and sisters who ____________________ (8 NOT HAVE) addiction problems, what they can tell us is how they overcome these problems, how they manage self-control in their daily life.” Before they released the results, Dr Ersche and her colleagues ____________________ (9 STUDY) 50 pairs of siblings — one with a history of drug addiction and one with no experience of ____________________ (10 TAKE) drugs. She had compared these with 50 healthy people. She concluded: “We need to find out how these non-addicted siblings were able to resist using drugs.”

(Adapted from on  4 February 2012)


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