All tenses – active and passive

Glagolske oblike – časi: postavi glagole v oklepaju v pravilno obliko v aktivu ali pasivu. / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

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1 Daisy ___________________ (NOT WRITE) the emails yet.

2 My aunt ____________________ (HER HOUSE/TIDY) by a cleaning lady on Fridays.

3 Our washing machine __________________ (REPAIR) by the time we get back home.

4 If you cause an accident, you _______________ (SHOULD/PUNISH).

5 Our hens ________________ (LAY) twelve eggs last week.

6 In my opinion, washing a car is a waste of time and water. If it ___________ (BE) up to me, everyone would drive around in dirty cars.

7 I’ve bought some cotton cloth and I ___________________________ (PROTECTIVE MASKS/SEW) by a seamstress.

8 This house ___________________ (BUILD) long before we moved to the village.

9 The road ____________________ (REPAIR) at the moment, so you’d better brace yourself for long delays.

10 The company ____________________ (LAUNCH) the latest version of their computer game this Friday evening.

11 ___________________ (THIS PRODUCT/TRY) before?

12 Something’s different in this room. – Oh, right. The carpet’s missing. We _____________________ (IT/CLEAN) at the dry cleaner’s.

13 This Saturday will be stressful for me. I _________________ (WORK) the whole day.

14 The winners __________________ (ANNOUNCE) when suddenly, there was a loud noise.

15 It ___________________ (BELIEVE) that Jack the Ripper was an intelligent man.

16 By the time Mick asked me about the book, I _____________________ (ALREADY/LEND) it to someone else.

17 When ____________________ (YOUR TYRES/CHANGE)? It’s almost Christmas time and you still ____________________ (NOT TAKE) care of it.

18 This jewelry is unique. It ____________________ (DESIGN) by a local artist.

19 Danny’s got a few red spots. He  ____________________ (BITE) by a mosquito.

20 At this time next Saturday we _____________________ (LIE) on a sandy beach.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key