All tenses in sentences: active and passive 9

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko, tvornik ali trpnik. / Tenses: put the verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

1 Matt and Sarah ____________________ (HAVE) some difficulties in their relationship lately, but I hope they manage to work everything out.

2 He ____________________ (PLAY) the guitar outside her house when someone opened the window and ____________________ (THROW) out a bucket of water.

3 “How ____________________ (PETER GET) on at school?” – “Very well. He ____________________ (SEEM) to like the life.”

4 John’s terribly upset. He ___________________________ (BREAK OFF) off his engagement to Megan. Apparently she ___________________________ (SEE) someone else for the past few months

5  Can you translate this note from Stockholm? I understood Swedish when I was a child, but I ___________________________ (FORGET) it all.

6 What’s that dent in the side of the car? ___________________________ (YOU/HAVE) an accident?

7 He _________________________ (PLAN) to ask her to marry him for ages when he finally found courage to do so.

8 The old house we’ve bought isn’t in good condition. It _________________________ (RENOVATE) completely in the following two years.

9 Billy is different, and he sometimes gets into trouble because he _________________________ (MISUNDERSTAND) by people.

10 Shall we meet for drinks at 8 p. m.? I _________________________ (STOP) working by then.

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