Cherry pie

Časi: vstavi glagole v pravilno obliko (aktiv). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, active voice.

Rezultat iskanja slik za cherry pieA group of our friends were planning a picnic, and it sounded like fun.

The only problem was that I ____________________ (1 GO) through hard times, as I was a single mother with four children at the time. What did I have that we ____________________ (2 CAN) contribute to the picnic?

Then a thought ____________________ (3 STRIKE). I could make a cherry pie! A while ago, a friend ____________________ (4 GIVE) me a quart of canned cherries that would make a very nice pie filling.

So I prepared the crust, thickened the cherries, and ____________________ (5 PUT) the pie together. When it ____________________ (6 COME) out of the oven, it looked so good and the aroma was wonderful.

At the picnic Stu was the first to take a bite of my pie. I ____________________ (7 SEE) a puzzled look go across his face. Then he ____________________ (8 BEGIN) to spit out cherry pits. It had not occurred to me someone would can cherries without pitting them first. How embarrassing!

Well, he ____________________ (9 MARRY) me anyway. And the cherry pie ____________________ (10 BE) an inside joke for the past 48 years.

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