Credit crunch making Britons ill

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Credit crunchAn old saying says that money is the root of all evil. It is also the cause of increasing health problems in Britain. In the last few years, the ill health of the world economy ____________________ (1 MAKE) people sick. This is according to last month’s  survey which the UK’s Blood Pressure Association and the insurance company Friends Provident ____________________ (2 CARRY) out jointly. They have found that two-thirds of British people feel less well than they did three years ago. Researchers say the credit crunch and concerns about the economy ____________________ (3 DRIVE) up stress levels and making people cut back on healthy food and fitness clubs. Their research coincides with the launch of a campaign called Know Your Numbers Week, during which Britons can get free blood pressure checks. The aim is to warn people early that there is a possibility their health ____________________ (4 WORSEN) dramatically in the years to come.

Money worries could have serious consequences for people in Britain. Mark Jones, a Friends Provident spokesman, said after they ____________________ (5 RELEASED) the results of the survey. Many people are worrying more about spiralling food and fuel prices, home loan repayments, and rising debt. Nearly one in five of those surveyed says they sleep less, 56% buy cheaper food and cut back on fruit and vegetables, while 6% ____________________ (6 START) smoking again recently. Professor Graham Macgregor of the Blood Pressure Association warned: “The lack of concern over long-term health is putting the nation at risk of a blood-pressure ticking time bomb.”

(Adapted from on September 9, 2008)

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