Fatal addiction: the story of Scott Douglas

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (aktiv in pasiv). / Put the verb in brackets into the correct form (active and passive).

Rezultat iskanja slik za heroinTwo years ago Scott Douglas died of a heroin overdose. Why, then, is his father, who is a staunch opponent of drugs, calling for all drugs ____________________ (1 LEGALISE)?

“Legalise, don’t criminalise” is Howard Douglas’ motto. He insists the only way to control drugs is to regulate the sale of them. “I don’t want a soft line on drugs. I wish to God that people ____________________ (2 USE) them. But they do, and so we need to put some order into the market.”

He firmly believes that his son would still be alive today if heroin ____________________ (3 BE) legal. Scott Douglas was 33 when he died two years ago. A long-time heroin user, he was forced to do without the drug during a five-week prison term. He ____________________ (4 KILL) by his first dose after being released.

An inquiry into Scott’s death found that because he had been without the drug for several weeks, his body ___________________ (5 CANNOT TAKE) his normal dose. It also revealed that his final shot contained an impurity – urine acetylcodeine. “If there had been a controlled environment for my son to take his heroin, and it had been supplied legally, he ____________________ (6 STILL/BE) alive. There are basically two policy options: you can legalise and regulate the supply, as you do with other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, or you can leave criminals to control everything.”

Although Mr Douglas concedes that legalisation would be “anathema” to many fellow parents, he would like to see heroin supplied by the health service to addicts and a “clean and controlled environment” for it to be taken with free needles and medical advice.

One obststacle is that the political will ____________________ (7 TACKLE) the problem just does not exist yet. He says the only prospect of change will be if “a government minister’s son or a member of the royal family ____________________ (8 DIE) from drug abuse”.

After Scott’s death, Mr Douglas became deeply involved in the debate and was able to understand why many young people turn to drugs. “I met a lot of Scott’s associates and they had one thing in common – they couldn’t get to grips with the world. “Scott could never understand why three-quarters of the world ____________________ (9 HAVE TO) go hungry while one quarter had more food than they needed. For a lot of [addicts] the world is a very painful place. Drugs take the edge off reality.”
(Adapted from http://fullspate.digitalcounterrevolution.co.uk on 25 March 2017)

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