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Časi: Postavi glagole v oklepaju v pravilno obliko, aktiv ali pasiv. / Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.


One day businessman Will Riley bumped into a burglar in his house in London. He got into a fight with him and managed to hold him until the police arrived. Will ____________________ (1 TAKE) to hospital and got some stitches.

After the burglary his whole life changed. He ____________________ (2 CONSTANTLY / THINK) about the incident. He was afraid to be in his own house and he worried about what could happen to him and his family.

When he was asked to meet the burglar in prison, he was curious to see what ____________________ (3 WILL HAPPEN). He told him that he had come from a dysfunctional family, was a heroin addict and had spent his life in and out of jail. He spoke in a calm way, which made Will really angry, so he asked him why he ____________________ (4 CHOOSE) to ruin his life.

When Will saw that the man ____________________ (5 STUN), he could see that he was no monster, just a normal human being. He ____________________ (6 FEEL) relieved and his fears disappeared.  Later, they stayed in touch and he became a totally different man. Will helped him get his life back on track.


Peter describes his experience of breaking into Will’s house: it was easy: he broke the lock, took some jewellery and some money. But while he ____________________ (7 TRY) to escape, he bumped into Will and they had a fight. He ____________________ (8 NOT WANT) to hurt him, but he wanted to get out, so he smashed a flower pot on his head.

When he____________________ (9 ARREST), he felt a sense of relief because he knew he had hit rock bottom. He had been in prison many times before. He ____________________ (10 BE) a drug addict for years and he constantly had to steal money to survive.

In prison he agreed to do Restorative Justice just because he was bored. But when he saw how angry Will was, he was shocked. It was at that point that he realised what pain he had caused to other people. It was the first time he had felt angry and ashamed. He was determined to change his life.

He went to rehab and started a course ____________________ (11 BECOME) a counsellor. He made friends with Will. In counselling, he met Louise and they got married when he was released from prison. Today he is very proud of himself because he ____________________ (12 WORK) hard to get things together.

(Adapted from New Headway Intermediate (Fourth edition), unit 9)

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