Media Show War Dead After 18-Year Ban

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US President Barack Obama has changed many things since he took office. The latest is the end of an 18-year ban on media coverage of ____________________ (2 RETURN) American war dead. Since 1991, no American news network has been allowed to televise coffins of US military personnel returning from foreign wars. George Bush senior ____________________ (2 IMPOSE) the ban in 1991 during the first Gulf War. He said he ____________________ (3 WANT) to protect families from the grief of seeing their loved ones return in coffins. Neither President Bill Clinton nor President George W. Bush ever changed the policy. President Obama made it an election promise to overturn the ban. He said it was for families to choose whether or not to allow the media ____________________ (4 FILM) the return of their fallen heroes.

News cameras were present at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Sunday April 5th for the arrival of the remains of Phillip Myers. The 30-year-old airman ____________________ (5 KILL) in Afghanistan on Saturday by a roadside bomb. Eight colleagues carried the flag-draped coffin past seven of Mr. Myers’ family. Nearly 40 members of the press were present at the ceremony. Their cameras remained silent as prayers were said and there was no flash photography. The Pentagon says that 4,262 members of America’s military ____________________ (6 DIE) in Iraq since the invasion in March 2003. Another 673 have been killed in Afghanistan. Vice President Joe Biden said the ban ____________________ (7 ALLOW) coffins to be “snuck back into the country” to hide the cost of the war on terror.

Phillip Myers’ widow said: »The consequences of the war ____________________ (8 SHOULD/NOT HIDE) from the public. If everyone ____________________ (9 KNOW) how dangerous it is for our soldiers to fight in Afgnistan, they ____________________ (10 BE) much more respected.«

(Adapted from on 7 April 2009)

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