My best friend

Časi: postavi glagole v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (aktiv). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (present, past, present perfect, past perfect, future – active voice).

Let me introduce my best friend Barbara. She’s the same age as me and we used to be neighbours growing up. She rings me up at least once or twice per week, and we regularly get together. I can always count on her when I have a problem.

Barbara and I ____________________ (1 KNOW) each other for over fifteen years, ever since her family ____________________ (2 MOVE) to our town. At first, she was very shy, but we soon realized we ____________________ (3 HAVE) a lot in common. We were both quite sensitive and self-conscious teenagers with rich imagination. Her parents were very reserved as well as strict so they weren’t very happy about us spending so much time together. They ____________________ (4 ALWAYS/TEACH) her not to trust anyone, but obviously they couldn’t separate us.

Sadly, we decided to enroll different secondary schools, so our ways ____________________ (5 SPLIT) at 15. Although we still lived in the same street, we somehow drifted apart. One day, while I ____________________ (6 HAVE) lunch with my classmates at the school canteen, I ____________________ (7 HEAR) a rumour that Barbara ____________________ (8 DROP) out of school and nobody knew what she was up to.

The news made me think about her intensely. I ____________________ (9 FEEL) that I needed to talk to her so badly because I knew she ____________________ (10 GO) through rough times. She was genuinely happy to see me again. We talked for hours. She told me that she ____________________ (11 FALL) in love with a guy not much to her parents’ liking. She ____________________ (12 CRY) while she explained how heartbroken she was when he left her. They ____________________ (13 ONLY/DATE) for three weeks! In order to spite her parents, she had willingly dropped out of school even though she had always been a good student. I ____________________ (14 STAY) with her until midnight. I realized I ____________________ (15 MISS) her so much! She promised that she ____________________ (16 TALK) to her parents openly and try to make up with them.

That was years ago, and we’re still friends today. I know that Barbara ____________________ (17 THINK) about that day a lot. We ____________________ (18 NOT TALK) about it anymore, but we ____________________ (19 ALWAYS/REMEMBER) it.

It’s five o’clock now. I don’t want to disturb her because I know she ____________________ (20 HAVE) dinner with her family. But I will ring her in the evening as we have to make arrangements for our trip to Berlin. At this time tomorrow we ____________________ (21 SIT) on a plane on our way to the city we ____________________ (22 ALWAYS/WANT) to visit. I know we ____________________ (23 HAVE) a great time, we always do!  

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