Past perfect simple, active or passive




The concert ended after the pop star ____________________ (SING) only seven songs.

We didn’t manage to organize the concert the way it ____________________ (PLAN).

I couldn’t eat lunch because I ____________________ (HAVE) a late breakfast.

The police arrived long after the robber ____________________ (LEAVE) the scene of the crime.

My mother was angry because the housework ____________________ (NOT DO).

On Sunday I woke up in a good mood because I ____________________ (SLEEP) well.

The poet’s life would have been different if he ____________________ (MARRIED) his  beloved.

The skier was awarded gold medal after he ____________________ (WIN) the slalom race.

The mayor resigned after he __________________ (CRITICISE) repeatedly by the media.

I was soaking wet because I __________________ (NOT REMEMBER) to bring an umbrella.

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