The Sandwich – 250th Birthday

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SandwichThe sandwich celebrates its 250th birthday next weekend and residents in the English town of Sandwich, where the bread meal was first eaten, are celebrating their culinary history. According to the town’s records the English nobleman Earl John Montague first ____________________ (1 ORDER) a sandwich in 1762. It is reported he ____________________ (2 PLAY) cards with friends and wanted something he ____________________ (3 CAN/EAT) without a knife and fork. He requested slices of beef between two pieces of bread, and so the sandwich was born. Montague ____________________ (4 CHOOSE) to live in Sandwich over another port town, Portsmouth. Had he chosen the latter, we would be eating portsmouths today. It is perhaps a coincidence that Sandwich ____________________ (5 BE) just a few kilometres from the town of Ham.

The 11th Earl of Sandwich, also named John Montague, hosted a celebratory lunch in honour of his ancestor and his contribution to the global fast food industry. He told reporters: “My ancestor…could never have imagined that his simple invention would spawn a multi-billion dollar industry which nowadays ____________________ (6 EMPLOY) hundreds of thousands of people.” He added: “My favourite sandwich is a traditional one – roast beef and hot horseradish on freshly baked bread.” Organisers of the celebrations ____________________ (7 ALREADY/PLAN) everything for the historic event. Mandy Wilkins said: “The sandwich is a global food and Sandwich, our town, is just a little town full of medieval buildings. I think lots of people ____________________ (8 COME) and join us in our celebration.”

(Adapted from on 13 May 2012)

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