Active to passive /gimnazija/ (1)

Pretvori stavke iz tvornika v trpnik. / Transform the sentences from active to passive voice.

1 Careless driving is most commonly causes car accidents.

______________________________________________________________ by careless driving.

2 The tornado has damaged the roofs of most building in the area.
The roofs _____________________________________________________________________

3 I’m honoured to say that a top designer is going to sew my prom dress.
_______________________________________________________________ by a top designer.

4 She didn’t participate in the wedding ceremony although her best friend had invited her.
_______________________________________________________________ by her best friend.

5 You must give to get: You must sow the seed, before you can reap the harvest.
You must give to get: The seed ______________________________________________________

6 Before the student had realized it, the teacher was tearing up his cheat sheet into little pieces.
_________________________________________________________________ by the teacher.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key