Comparison of Adjectives – paraphrase (1)

Prepiši povedi tako, da uporabiš pridevnik v eni od stopenj; pomen mora ostati isti. / Rewrite the sentences using an adjective in base, comparative or superlative form; the meaning must stay the same.

1 He has never scored so highly in a test as he did in this one.
This ___________________________________________ score he has received in a test.

2 The station was farther away than I had expected.
The station wasn’t _______________________________________________________.

3 The shop is not very busy today compared to yesterday.
The shop is not _____________________________________________ it was yesterday.

4 If a car is bigger, it is more expensive.
The __________________________ a car is, ______________________________ it is.

5 The meal didn’t cost as much as expected.
The meal was less _______________________________________________________.

6 We were told that the show was not very entertaining but it was.
The show _____________________________________________ than we had been told.

7 Her hair isn’t as long as it used to be.
She used to ___________________________________________________________.

8 Jack is younger than he looks.
Jack isn’t _____________________________________________________________.

9 I’ve never had to wait this long for a bus before.
This __________________________________________ I have ever had to wait for a bus.

10 We had the same meal tonight and last night.
Dinner tonight ____________________________________________ as it was last night.

11 When the children got noisier, their mother got angry.
The _____________________________________________________ their mother got.

12 I don’t think I have ever had such a bad haircut.
This ________________________________________________ haircut I have ever had.

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