Future forms: will, going to, present simple and continuous (1)

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko: present simple and continuous, will future, going-to future. 


1 The train for Ljubljana ____________________ (leave) at 8.20.

2 – The fire has gone out!

–  Don’t worry. I _______________________ (go) and get some wood.

3 I ____________________ (meet) John and Sally at the airport this afternoon.

4 I bought a guitar and I _______________________ (learn) to play it.

5 – Did you remember to book seats?

– Oh no, I forgot. I _______________________ (telephone) for them now.

6 – Will you come with me on Sunday?

– No, I _______________________.

7 Hurry up! The film ____________________ (start) in five minutes.

8 I promise I ____________________ (help) you wash your car.

9 I ____________________ (be) 18 years old next month.

10 Look! That girl ____________________ (fall)!

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