Little Ways You Can Help Our Planet

Fill in each gap with one suitable word. / Dopolni vsako prazno mesto s po eno manjkajočo besedo.


Personally I find it very important to look after this beautiful Earth of ours but as teenagers it can often be hard to donate large amounts of money or __________ (1) lots of time volunteering so these are a few tips on little things you can do.

  1. Say no to the straw!

In the US alone 500 million straws are used and thrown away every day. They can’t be recycled! Your tiny little straw can __________ (2) a lot of damage in the ocean where it can kill all sorts of wildlife including sea turtles. So why not stop using straws all together? Some people (myself included) love using straws, if you have braces it is suggested you use a straw when drinking fizzy drinks, some drink lids require straws. But this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you __________ (3) do. I introduce you to three good options:

Glass straws, paper straws, metal straws. I splashed out a whole £3 ($4/ €3.40) for a packet of metal straws on Amazon and I now __________ (4) one around with me in my handbag at all times!

2.Tote-ally awesome!

Here in the UK the government is attempting to do something about the amount of single use plastic we use and that includes charging £0.05 for a plastic bag __________ (5) the supermarket. In order to avoid spending 5p extra every time I buy anything, I carry a reusable bag with me. Personally I love a good tote bag that you can fold up and tuck away in your handbag!

  1. Cute cups!

Every time you go to the coffee shop and take your latte to go you’re wasting a cup. __________ (6) you’re a frequent hot drink person then you might want to buy yourself a cute reusable cup. Not only do they reduce waste, they’re also much nicer and prettier than the regular cups.

  1. Bottle it up

There is nothing better __________ (7) a cute reusable water bottle in my opinion. There are so many to choose __________ (8) and reduce the waste created by using plastic water bottles. In the US over 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away without being recycled and here in the UK 80% go to landfill. That’s a lot of bottles and a lot of plastic which __________ (9) be recycled to make something new.

  1. Say no to single use

Avoid using things that are wrapped or packaged in single use plastics. Try to use cardboard or reusable plastic __________ (10). And if you can’t do that, read your labels and buy things that come in recyclable packaging.

  1. Ecosia search

Instead of using google I search using a search engine called, __________ (11) is really easy to download to your computer. For every 45 things you search it plants one tree. So far they have managed to plant over 30,000,000 trees across the world. It’s an easy and free way to help prevent/ slow down deforestation.

  1. Walk it out

Using a car is one of the worst things for the environment so, if it’s possible, why not walk to where you want to be? It’s easy exercise and you’re helping our planet __________ (12) reducing greenhouse gasses. If you can’t walk there, why not get the bus? It’s cheaper and saves the planet.

(Adapted from on Sunday, June 17)

Rešitve naloge/Answer Key