NBA TV host Kristen Ledlow victim of crime

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kristen-ledlowNBA TV personality Kristen Ledlow has revealed that she _______________ (1 ROB) at gunpoint at her home.

The host of “NBA Inside Stuff” wrote on Twitter and Instagram on Sunday that she _______________ (2 HOLD UP) the day before “by three men who _______________ (3 KNOW) who I was, where I lived and were waiting for me when I got home.”

In addition to stealing her Corvette, purse and phone, the 28-year-old _______________ (4 SAY) the thieves _______________ (5 TAKE) her “sense of security.” She added that she would be taking a break from social media as a result, but she “will not become a slave to fear.”

Ledlow told police the group of men _______________ (6 GET) out of a silver sedan and approached her shortly after she pulled into her apartment complex.

One of the men pointed a gun and stole her red 2016 Corvette, Kim Jones, Atlanta police spokeswoman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Police _______________ (7 CALL) to the area shortly after 3 pm on Saturday, Ms Jones said.

Using the car’s tracking device, the Corvette _______________ (8 LOCATE) by the police in southwest Atlanta about 25 minutes later. No arrests have been reported.

Support for the presenter _______________ (9 EXPRESS) by a number of sportsmen and media colleagues including Katie Nolan of Fox Sports 1 and Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas.

Ledlow moved to Atlanta in 2013 as a radio host on 92.9/The Game. She _______________ (10 LEAVE) for NBA TV two years ago and hosts “NBA Inside Stuff” alongside Grant Hill.

(Adapted from on 24 October 2016)

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