Reported Speech : From Reported to Direct (1)

Odvisni govor: spremeni povedi v premi govor. / Reported speech: rewrite each sentence as direct speech. 

Rezultat iskanja slik za speech bubble

1 Mary told Jacob she would talk to him the following day.

2 Graham told his friends their wishes were unrealistic.

3 My grandpa asked me if I could keep him company there.

4 I asked Roy if he had had fun at the party the previous night.

5 The postman told me my letter hadn’t arrived that morning.

6 The baker asked me if I wanted to pay by cash.

7 Laura asked me if I was planning to visit her the following weekend.

8 Dan told Josie he wanted to take her to the theatre that evening.

9 You told me you hadn’t done your homework the day before.

10 Liam asked Charlotte why she was going to study in France.

11 She told me she was having an affair with a married man.

12 Matt asked Sue how he had been doing.

13 My landlord asked me why I hadn’t paid my rent the previous month.

14 Chloe told Mitch she had had her goldfish for ten years.

15 Donald asked a passer-by what time it was.


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