Silly Criminals

Pretekli časi: past simple, past continuous, past perfect simple: Postavi glagole v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (active voice).

silly-burglarsThe Chimney Burglar

A burglar who got stuck in a chimney while he _______________ (1 TRY) to break into a Los Angeles home has been jailed for two years. Bungling burglar Marco Antonio Espinoza also _______________ (2 HAVE TO) pay the owners of the house more than £5,000 [$9,993.20 USD] to repair the damage done when fire fighters _______________ (3 FREE) him.

After the police _______________ (4 CATCH) him, he told them that he _______________ (5 DO) building work on the house.

The Forgetful Robber

A ‘would be’ robber had to drop his bank looting plans after he _______________ (1 FORGET) to take a bag which the stolen money could be put into.

Apparently, the young man in his 20’s, _______________ (2 ENTER) a local Chase Bank branch early on Monday morning and, while no one _______________ (3 LOOK), he _______________ (4 PASS) the cashier a piece of cardboard with the note ‘Give me your money,’ reported the Detroit News.

After he _______________ (5 ORDER) the bank teller to ‘hurry up,’ she _______________ (6 ASK) him if he _______________ (7 HAVE) a bag to put the money into. Suddenly, he _______________ (8 BECOME) flustered and confused and _______________ (9 RUN OFF) without the cash. Obviously, he _______________ (10 NOT REMEMBER) to ask the bank teller for one!

Phone a Bungling Burglar!

A bungling burglar in the USA was arrested after he _______________ (1 LEAVE) his mobile phone on charge at the house of one of his victims. Someone _______________ (2 DISTRACT) the man while he _______________ (3 RIFLE) through rooms in the house in Washington DC so he _______________ (4 JUMP) out of a window.

The police searched the house later and were surprised to find a cell phone that _______________ (5 NOT BELONG) to anyone at the house. The phone _______________ (6 CHARGE) in a socket.

Officers _______________ (7 CALL) one of the numbers in his contacts, _______________ (8 TELL) them the phone owner _______________ (9 HAVE) an accident and asked for his name. That _______________ (10 LEAD) to the 25-year-old man being arrested and later charged with ten burglaries.

(Adapted from on 17. 10. 2016)

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