Sports: Winning and Losing

Dopolni manjkajoče besede, prva črka je dana. / Fill in the gaps to form the correct words. The first letter has been given.

Sportsmen and s_______________ (1) want to win matches, not l_______________ (2) matches. But you can’t win all the time! Sometimes a team or a player deserves to win, but gets narrowly d_______________ (=beaten)(3).

Before they can e_______________ (4) a serious competition, athletes train hard. They have to a_______________ (5) at least five training sessions per week. They are likely to put up a fight to g_______________ (=get) (6) a place in the next stage/round of the competition. Of course, a sportsperson’s u_______________ (7) aim is to break the world record in their sport. If they succeed, they s_______________ (8) a new world record and become a world record holder. They are sure to come up against f_______________ (=intense) (9) competition as they try to achieve their ambitions. Sometimes they are satisfied if they just achieve a p_______________ (10) best.

Some people so desperately want to win that they take drugs to e_______________ (11) their performance. This will be discovered when they f_______________ (12) a drug test.

(Adapted from English Collocations In Use Intermediate by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O’Dell)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key