The new Australians

Preberi spodnje besedilo. V tabeli poišči ustrezno zamenjavo za podčrtano besedo good ali bad.

australiaThere’s definitely much more to Australia than kangaroos and surfing! When we came to Australia from Scotland, over ten years ago, we soon realised that, beside good (1) places to see, Australian culture is a good (2) mixture of many different cultures. Apart from the early Anglo-Irish settlers, since 1945 the population has become more cosmopolitan, with immigrants from Italy, Greece, former Yugoslavia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

There’s a really good (3) cultural scene here, and consequently you can see all these influences in modern Australian cooking. We call it »fusion food« – a good (4) mixture of good (5) Mediterranean flavours, Southeast Asian spices and native Australian food. The choice of restaurants is good (6). For me, there’s one bad thing about Australia though. That’s the way the native Australians, the Aborigines, have been treated. They now make up less than 1% of the population. The new Australians took all their land and let them with virtually nothing. Most Aborigines live in bad (7) conditions while the rest of us are quite well-off. And they seem to be invisible. For example, you never see Aborigines in TV adverts. The »typical« Australian is always blonde and blue-eyed. I think that’s bad (8). The government are trying to improve things, but it seems a bit late.

marvellous brilliant unlimited poor
delicious unfair spectacular lively


(Adapted from Opportunities Intermediate Students’ Book, 2000)

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