What’s the question? (2)

Vprašanja: Tvori smiselna vprašanja za dane odgovore./ Questions: Form suitable questions for the answers below.

1 ___________________________________________________________________

It was rather wet and windy with temperatures well below normal.

2 ___________________________________________________________________

He’s really into computer games.

3 ___________________________________________________________________

Since eight o’clock this morning.

4 ___________________________________________________________________

She’s quite attractive with curly hair and huge brown eyes.

5 ___________________________________________________________________

I was cleaning up.

6 ___________________________________________________________________

– Oh, she is very interesting. She is involved in community activities and likes speaking to foreigners.

7 ___________________________________________________________________

I’d buy a new house.

8 ___________________________________________________________________

She likes sports and she’s really into riding her bike.

9 ___________________________________________________________________

Erm, I don’t know. How about going for a walk in the park?

10 ___________________________________________________________________

– It is spicy and sweet. It’s really delicious.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key