Kategorija: Branje: poveži vprašanja z odgovori (Reading comprehension – matching questions with answers)



Bralno razumevanje: Na prazna mesta vstavi ustrezno vprašanje iz zgornjega nabora. Eno vprašanje je odveč. / Reading comprehension: Fill in each gap with a suitable question from the box. One question is not used. a) Can you put vinegar on a jellyfish sting? b) Can you die from… Preberi več

An interview with Ella Eyre

Bralno razumevanje – povezovanje: postavi vsako od vprašanj na ustrezno prazno mesto.   »She’s the girl with the big voice, hits and hair,« says Cosmopolitan magazine. »Now with her debut album Feline last August, the world is about to find out why Ella Eyre is such a force… Preberi več