Due to (2)

Prepiši spodnje povedi tako, da uporabiš ‘due to’ in spremeniš, kar je potrebno. Pomen naj ostane isti. / Rewrite the following sentences using ‘due to’ and making necessary changes. The meaning must stay the same.

1 More than 80,000 people died because the crops failed, which was accompanied by disease.


2 There was loud party going on at my neigbours’ house, so I couldn’t sleep all night.


3 I missed school last week because I had pneumonia.


4 Tim had a huge argument with his boss. As a result, he was dismissed from his job.


5 People with sleep apnea tend to have narrowed airways because they are overweight.


6 There was a threat of a terrorist attack, so people didn’t attend an open air concert.


Rešitve naloge / Answer Key