Linking words: addition

Prepiši spodnje povedi tako, da uporabiš besedo/besedno zvezo v oklepaju in spremeniš, kar je potrebno. Pomen naj ostane isti. / Rewrite the following sentences using the word or phrase in brackets and making necessary changes. The meaning must stay the same.

1 Not only did she win the gold medal; she also broke the world record. (IN ADDITION)

In addition to _________________________________________________________________

2 You should send them an email, and you should phone them. (NOT ONLY…BUT ALSO)

You should ___________________________________________________________________

3 They have a vegetable garden and they keep bees. (IN ADDITION)

In addition to _________________________________________________________________

4 She has a full-time job. On top of that, she regularly does voluntary work for the homeless. (ALONGSIDE)

Alongside her _________________________________________________________________

5 The only reason why we couldn’t go to Thailand on a holiday is because a flight there is quite long. (APART FROM)

Apart from ___________________________________________________________________

6 People should respect each other and their environment. (LIKEWISE)

People should respect each other. ________________________________________________

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key