The smarter you get the less you speak

Linking words: postavi besede/zveze iz tabele na ustrezno mesto v besedilu. Vsaka je uporabljena enkrat.

The less you speak

also neither… nor but not only… but also
apart from however on the contrary unless

My friend once told me that the smarter you get the less you speak. Anyone can argue, debate, condemn, criticize and complain; ___________, (1) true knowledge comes from within. It takes __________ character __________ (2) self-control to be understanding and forgiving. Knowledge __________ (3) brings peace, calmness, silence with itself.

Some speakers only listen because they know that most of the time debating does not bring results; __________ , (4) it may bring confusion. __________ (5) them, most people do not listen, they are more focused on winning an argument. Wise men do not argue and debate __________ (5) they are in those public meetings where opposing arguments are put forward __________ in order to win __________ (7) to make an impression __________ (8) to yield wisdom and knowledge instead.

(Adapted from on 16 June 2016)

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