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The Rock Star!

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (aktiv). / Verb forbs: put the verb in brackets into the correct form (active voice). Catherine Destivelle is a rock star. She loves rock, but she can’t sing or play the guitar! She is a rock climber and a big… Preberi več


Preberi besedilo. Odgovori na spodnja vprašanja s kratkimi odgovori. It starts off with a 2.4-mile swim. The next phase is a 112-mile bike ride. If that’s not enough, the final leg of the race is a 26.2-mile run — a full marathon. It’s a triathlon — and the… Preberi več


Preberi besedilo in odgovori na vprašanja spodaj s kratkimi odgovori. Clinging on, crushed between two surfaces in semi-darkness is routine for commuters travelling to school or work by tube. What is different about caves, however, is that they also offer peace and quiet. Fifteen metres below the ground,… Preberi več

Bungee Jumping

Preberi besedilo in odgovori na spodnja vprašanja s kratkimi odgovori. It was a warm sunny day in Queenstown, New Zealand. My friend and I wanted to do something really exciting so we decided to go Bungee Jumping. When you Bungee Jump, you jump off a cliff, or other… Preberi več