Oznaka: food


Thanksgiving Dinner

Dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi črkami, da dobiš smiselno besedo. / Fill in the gaps with suitable letters to form meaningful words. For many Americans, the Thanksgiving meal includes seasonal dishes such as roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. The holiday f_ _… Preberi več

Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Postavi glagole iz tabele na ustrezno mesto v besedilu. / Fill in each gap in the recipe with a suitable verb from the box.   Ingredients 3 pounds green beans Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 loaf crusty Italian bread 3 tablespoons… Preberi več

Describing food (taste, appearance)

Na manjkajoča mesta vstavi besede iz tabele. / Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.   sweet bitter sour hot spicy mild bland salty sickly savoury tasty tasteless greasy tender tough overcooked undercooked raw done to a turn stodgy 1 Sushi is a very… Preberi več

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish

Ali so spodnje trditve pravilne (T) ali napačne (F)? Mark the following sentences true (T) or false (F). 1 Salmon is a kind of  meat. 2 An asparagus isn’t white. 3 If you are a vegetarian, you don’t eat any meat or animal products. 4 Salad grows in… Preberi več

Vienna life – cultural quirks

Na vsako manjkajoče mesto v besedilu vstavi ustrezno besedo iz spodnjega nabora. / Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. Austrians are often considered overly formal, shown, for instance, in their insistence _______________ (1) the use of titles and honorifics. Even those with an… Preberi več

What’s up with eggs from vegetarian hens?

Časi in druge glagolske oblike: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (active and passive). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (active and passive). If you go to the grocery store to get something as simple as eggs these days… you might… Preberi več

Food, cooking, and restaurants

Dopolni povedi z ustreznimi besedami iz tabele. vegetarians additives speciality ingredients herbs recipe course starter fast food inedible gastronomic snack vegan spices dessert sell-by banquet portion leftovers book take-away cuisine tasty tasteless   1 If a dish has a pleasant flavour, it is ____________________ and if not, it… Preberi več

Food trends: from digital dining to healthy junk food

Tvori ustrezna vprašanja tako, da je za vsakega podčrtani del povedi odgovor. The future of food includes holographic chefs, smart knives and egg-white crisps (1), according to trend analysts. But will kale ice lollies and edible soil ever catch on? It is a blustery winter morning in Mayfair,… Preberi več

Junk food ads face online ban in UK

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (active and passive). Advertising junk food could soon be banned from children’s content streamed online, according to the UK’s advertising watchdog. Ads for foods considered unhealthy ____________________ (1 ALREADY/BAN) on children’s television, but not online. The Committee of Advertising Practice… Preberi več