Oznaka: invention


Meet the young woman that Harvard believes is the next Einstein

Gap-fill: dopolni vsako prazno mesto z manjkajočo besedo. / Fill in each gap with one missing word.     Being compared __________ (1) geniuses like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein is not something that happens to the average person. So when we __________ (2) you that Sabrina Gonzalez… Preberi več

German scientist discovers X-rays

Vezniške besede: postavi ustrezno besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele na prazno mesto v besedilu. / Linking words: Fill in each gap with a suitable word or expression from the box. yet consequently for example ultimately initially owing to as a result whether in fact such as On this day… Preberi več

Inventor Rudolf Diesel vanishes

Linking words: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele. eventually soon afterwards although consequently at the time in contrast despite similarly by therefore On 29 September 1913, Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the engine that bears his name, disappeared from the steamship Dresden during his travel from Antwerp,… Preberi več