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Pope Francis: fake and sensationalised news ‘a very serious sin’

Odvisni govor: dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi glagoli iz tabele. Dva glagola nista uporabljena. / Reported speech: fill in the gaps with the correct verbs from the box. Two verbs are not used. told apologised saying remembered said criticised called reminded   Pope Francis has ____________________ (1) journalists… Preberi več

The scariest movie at Sundance was a documentary about Hulk Hogan

Časi in druge glagolske oblike: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (active and passive). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (active and passive). The civil trial between Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea and Gawker Media was sleazy and salacious. The case revolved… Preberi več

Relative clauses and the media 2

Postavi vejice, kjer je to potrebno. Označi stavke (defining, non-defining). 1 I can’t stand this comedy. Can you switch to a channel that plays music? 2 A TV programme which is based on inter-human relationships is called a soap opera. 3 Breaking news: A tidal wave which has… Preberi več

Relative clauses and the media 1

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z naslednjimi zaimki: who, which, whom, whose, where, when. 1 A quiz show is a type of programme ________ attracts large audiences. 2 Venezuela, _______ some of the most popular telenovelas are produced, is also famous for its natural beauty. 3 The producer is the person… Preberi več

Media Show War Dead After 18-Year Ban

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (active and passive) US President Barack Obama has changed many things since he took office. The latest is the end of an 18-year ban on media coverage of ____________________ (2 RETURN) American war dead. Since 1991, no American news network… Preberi več

The mass media

Linking words: postavi besede/zveze iz tabele na ustrezno mesto v besedilu. Newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet—including e-mail and blogs—are usually less influential than the social environment, but they are still significant, especially in affirming attitudes and opinions that are already established. The news media focus the public’s attention on certain personalities and issues,… Preberi več

Fashion shows and the media

Besedišče: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta v besedilu z ustreznimi besednimi zvezami iz tabele. potential clients   wholesalers mass-market producers ready-to-wear designers elevated runways couture designers couture houses designers’ ideas latest fashions department stores Fashion designers and manufacturers promote their clothes not only to retailers (such as fashion buyers) but… Preberi več